Deterministic & Empirical Assessment of Smoke's Contribution to Ozone Project

The DEASCO3 project, funded by the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), has produced analytical results and a dynamic and accessible technical tool that enables Federal Land Managers (FLMs) to participate more fully in ozone air quality planning efforts. Complex technical analyses of a series of well-chosen historic Case Study events have been made accessible using instructive tables, charts, and maps that describe how and to what extent fires contribute to ambient ozone concentrations. Nineteen (19) Case Studies were developed to characterize the relationship of emissions from fire to ozone concentrations across a broad range of circumstances (e.g., geographic locations, fuel conditions, time of year, fire types, and contributions to elevated background levels and levels in excess of the current and proposed Ozone NAAQS). This suite of Case Studies characterizes situations analogous to those that FLMs may face with current conditions and in the future. The online tools allow FLMs to survey, review, and grab the technical results and findings of the most analogous Case Studies, and/or generate new Case Studies, to effectively contribute to the state and EPA processes of SIP development, declaration of Exceptional Events, non-attainment area designations, establishing background levels of ozone, and others.

  1. Fire Planning for FLMs – when it is time to plan for an upcoming burn or burn season;
  2. State Implementation Plan (SIP) development - nonattainment area designations, design days for planning, establishing background levels of ozone, and other air quality management program issues; and
  3. Evaluation and declaration of Exceptional Events.

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Project Documents

Presentation for the WESTAR 2015 Spring Business Meeting. PDF
Final Report. PDF
Plume Rise methodology document. PDF
Final Emission Inventory methodology document. PDF
Final Specification Sheet for 2008 CAMx modeling using the DEASCO3 fire emissions inventory. PDF
Final Specification Sheet for 2008 CAMx modeling using the FINN fire emissions inventory. PDF
Final Specification Sheet for 2002 CAMx modeling using the WRAP Phase II fire emissions inventory. PDF
One-page project background document. PDF
Technical Proposal to JFSP. PDF